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Reconnective Healing and The Personal Reconnection

Reconnective Healing Sessions can be facilitated in person or at a distance for adults, children, and pets. Sessions can also be facilitated for a person at a distance upon the request of another. One to three sessions are generally recommended.

The Personal Reonnection is facilitated in-person only in two separate sessions on two separate days. The second session must be completed within three days of the first session. The Personal Reconnection is facilitated once in a lifetime.

What Is Reconnective Healing?

Reconnective Healing® is a return to an optimal state of balance that results from interacting with its fully comprehensive spectrum of frequencies consisting of Energy, Light, and Information™. 


These vibrational frequencies encompass the energy systems and benefits of all energy healing techniques, yet are accessible without complicated steps, procedures, rituals, or touch. It restores coherence and harmony in our lives and transforms our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and in many ways that otherwise may seem impossible.

When you access this spectrum of energy, light, and information, it creates a chain of events that can greatly enhance and improve all aspects of your life - health, career, relationships, abundance, and more. Seemingly unreachable potential becomes reality.

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The Personal Reconnection

The Personal Reconnection® utilizes the frequencies of Reconnective Healing, but is very precise and differs in its application. It is a focused formation, reconnecting the gridwork of your body to the ley lines of our planet, and Reconnecting these grids to the universal grid in all dimensions of time and space. 

In your Personal Reconnection, you are reconnecting to a timeless system of intelligence, your master vibration and your evolution. You are actively choosing to access all that you have learned throughout your lifetimes, in this dimension, and beyond. 

It is an ongoing process, and it will continue to unfold as you begin to make new choices on your life path. It accelerates your personal evolution and life just seems to get easier. 

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Session Information

Everyone's experience with Reconnective Healing is unique. Often healings are reported after just one session. It is suggested that you determine how many sessions you need as you allow your experience to unfold.

The optimal way to allow for a healing is to be open to receiving whatever is in your highest good, without specific expectations or attachments to results. Be receptive to the experience, knowing that you are participating in a positive and exciting process brought to you by God/Love/Universe to give you exactly what you may need at this time.

Session Length

Reconnective Healing sessions are typically 30 minutes in length. Healings occur outside the constraints of time and space, so more time does not equal more healing. Each session includes a briefing beforehand and a debriefing afterwards.

The Personal Reconnection consists of two sessions, generally 35-45 minutes in length, and must be completed within three days.

Preparing For Your Session

Dress:  Dress comfortably. You will be fully clothed, shoes off, resting face-up on a padded massage table. Please inform me if you have any difficulty lying on your back and I will accomodate you as best as possible.

Fragrances: Various scents, fragrances, and/or aromas may appear during your session. Please arrive free from externally added fragrances.

Energy Exchange

The energy exchange for Reconnective Healings is $120 per session.

The energy exchange for The Personal Reconnection is $333 for both sessions.

Payments can be made online through Venmo, Paypal, and Zelle or in person using cash or credit card and must be made prior to the start of your session. 


Soul Energy Solutions, LLC and Jennifer Boulanger, M.Ed. make no guarantees or representations regarding medical diagnosis and/or medical treatment, and is neither diagnosing, preventing, nor treating specific health challenges. Jennifer Boulanger is not a licensed physician and it is not recommended that you suspend your prescribed medical treatments without consulting with your physician.

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